Monday, November 22, 2010

The Love Story 2~~

Back to when we were still in the school. We been together so happy because can see each other everyday. From the early we be together nothing much we can do. We only can meet in school then when go home only can play sms. We go out when weekend come. Normally in our time, centre point was the only place all people go dating and stay. The first shopping complex. So we will like walking around had window shopping then go play game and then go eat. This what we do in our time for dating. At that time were so happy even had a little time together. I very appreciate that time. In school, many people and friends know about us. Just to be with her, I trying to get all my co-curriculum same with her. Wanted to do all the activity with her. She very nice with me and supporting me. When I play basketball, she cheer for me and many more. On that time our parents not yet know about us. It kinda hard for us to meet up except in the school. Till 1 day, I went to her house. I meet up with her mother, and sisters. She got dad, mom and 2 sisters. She was in the middle 1. But in that time I haven’t meet her dad. Her mom was very nice n friendly person same to her sisters. At that time I was so scare that they will scold me or don’t accept me. But it didn’t happen. Our relationship getting more tough and very more happy. Almost everyday when finish school, I will go back home from with her by taking bus or follow her school bus. At that time when finish school, I have to take public bus known as “bus henti-henti” to go home. So then I follw her back to her house and walk back to my own house. It kinda far from her house to my house. It might take 5-8 minute to reach my house but I used to it already. I still remember that time I like to play games. Near her house there was a cyber call Cyber X. I like to went there and play game after school. She will follow me go there to play game together. Even we have to walk there and walk back, I feel very blissful that got her be with me. Almost everyday we went to cyber play games. She didn’t complain much just sometime very tired and have to rest. After play games, we will go for a drink then only go home. Sometime we play till very late around like 6-7pm. On that time I have to go home already. So normally I will walk home again because there no more public bus anymore. No longer my parents know about her. Sometime her came to my house and stay with me. My dad very like her because she very tall, pretty and a bit look like me(he said). Many people said we look alike. I was like I want this girl be my wife in future. I very love her. I do anything for her. Sometime when holiday, I will take bus to her house and be with her then at night walk back home alone. I know that time was dangerous but I don’t scare. As long I happy everything was fine. Almost everyday I did the same thing. Sometime go her house when night time around 8-9pm. That time there were no more bus for me. I have to walk and run to her house just to see her. Sometime when I go there, we will go cyber again. As you can see, that time I still young who like to play games. Never realize what was danger that time. But thanks god for nothing happen to us. After send her back, I have to walk back again. I been doing this almost 2 or 3 years I think. Sometime maybe a bit don’t feel good, but after seeing her, everything back to happy. It all because I can spend my quality time with my precious love 1. I do everything for her. She support me and stick with me too. I promise to myself to be with her and protect her forever and ever. This was when we still young. But still, we were very happy to be together. This maybe just a memory, but this is not a fairy tales story. This part will always inside my brain.
I will never give up on you. BARGINAENS 
to be continue..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Life~~

I been living in this world for 21 years. There were so many thing i have seen, heard, felt, and experienced. This maybe an experience in life. What is life? Why it have to be so many emotional? Happiness, sadness, angry, illness, stress, hurt and many more. Nowaday in this world many people facing the problem of life. Even myself also facing it. Sometime have to be happy than sometime have to be sad. Not an easy thing to understand. Some people say we will always face happiness and sadness in our daily life, why don’t we just choose the happiness to past our daily life? Just throw away the sadness cause it not worth to bring it into your daily life. Is it easy to do? For me, sometime easy sometime hard. Not all sadness can be throw away so easy. So some people call it life challenges. That’s why  life is not an easy thing to understand but we still need to understand it so we can live on. This is the thing that I fighting for. Year after a year I getting older, many thing to see, many thing to struggle. Now we all can see there a lots people start to hate their own life just because they can’t face it. They feel hard to live on. After that some of them commit suicide. That not a smart thing to do. Really wasted. For me, when there is something happen get to me, sometime I will feel it too. Got a feeling start to hate my own life. In my mind always thinking why this why that.
Really hard to calm down sometime. This is also another stress illness. Last time I got a feeling to commit suicide. Think back, if I did that, I am a stupid person. I will cause so many trouble for my family and friends. So I just have to face it and live on. When the thing that you plan didn’t go well accordingly, you just have to smile. As long you still breathing in this world, there is always have a chance for you. Live on.

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.

Quoted by Mother Teresa

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Love Story~~

When i was in form 2, i just an ordinary student in school wondering around doing nothing but day dreaming only. Some friends so good have girlfriend same school with them and can always spend time together. Kinda envy. One day there were a lots new students who were intake for form 1. I saw a pretty girl and fall in love with her but i very shy and scare. Not dare to go forward to know her. I just a shy boy who still not dare to do many thing. Sound like a nerd. Feel like want to know more about the girl. I tried so hard to know more and get near to her. One day i found out that she join choir club. I been thinking this maybe my chance to get near to her. Although i don't know how to sing but just get to know her i think its worth to try. After that i joined the choir club. In choir club i have the change to get near with her and talk with her. I was like so happy but i don't know how to tell her that i like her and also don't know did she know that i like her or not. No matter how, i still won't give up on her. I tried so hard day after day. We go competition choir together, meeting together and laugh together. Until i day, i bravely tell her that i love her. Maybe it kinda too rush but i think she is a fine girl to me. So then she accepted me. I very very very happy until like can't sleep. Its was a nice day for me (22 June). First i was thinking this might be a puppy love cause a lots people also the same. She was a wonderful girl, pretty, tall and nice. She very good to me. I feel so blissful to have a girlfriend like her. She also a smart girl in study because she ever get 7A in PMR. We been together so happy. I feel like i love her very deeply. I want to be with her forever and ever. No other people know how i feel but i really feel happy. We been together quite a long time. Arguing maybe was a normal thing for all couples. Arguing was a kind of experience for the relationship move on so we can know more about each and other. A lots thing happen between us but we still fight for it. She very care for me and so do i. I love her very very much. I want to be with her till very end. Protect, care, love, and give her happiness. I know she also love me. I never scold or mad at her because once i love a person, i don't look for her bad thing and don't care it much cause i love her. Once you love a person, show the love. I know she very care for me. I still remember on that day we went swimming pool with friend, we went to swim and she just sitting there watching us. In swimming pool, we played a lots dangerous thing. They throw me and my head felt to the ground. My forehead was swollen. I look like a fish call flower horn. Look like there a horn on my forehead. LOL. She saw what happen to me and become very panic. I was so happy to have her with me. She run there run here look for medicine for me.    She is a good girlfriend. However, those maybe long time ago. We been together almost 8 years. Now come to the end. Something happen between us. I also don't why know become like this. This happen once she went to Kuala Lumpur for study. Some people say maybe cause of the changes of the environment and meeting new friend. I was her first boyfriend. Maybe was my fault for not going to Kuala Lumpur to be with her. Maybe she become scare and feel no safety. I feel so regret for not going there. I very very sad at that time. She told me that she have no more feel with me and wanted to break up with me. I feel very very hurt and sad. Don't know want to do what already. Feel like the world was ending for me and my life getting meaningless. It was a hard thing for me to accept this fact. I don't blame her for doing that cause i love her and was my fault too. I been down quite long time. No mood in everything and do anything. Feel like going to die but it look stupid. I really don't know how to live already. Even go drink and have fun with friends also cant bring back my mood. I always think maybe because i not good enough, rich, handsome and strong to protect her. So sad and hurt. Many people gave me advice and try to make me happy back but still the same. I gave myself some time to think and relax. After few day, i realize maybe this was a fate between me and her. I try to be strong back and stand up. It still early and there always a chances. So i decide not to give up on her and do my best first. Now i trying my best to earn more money and be the best. One day i will find her back. For now, i have no interested a new relationship because my heart always for her. I love Her very much. The God not yet make the world end, so i no need make myself like the end of the world. Never Give Up. I love you. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boring and Fun Day~~

Last saturday i have to work alone in office. *sob* Normally saturday is offday for us, but for OT we must work for it. XD So boring alone in office got nothing to do. Just sit there watch movie, play games, day dreaming and walk around. How boring. LOL. Eat "pan mian" also alone. *sob* I waiting for the time to past by. Cause 5pm have basketball training. Somehow, it cancel already. So sad. I thought that day was a boring day. Who knows, at 10pm went to play futsal with colleague and kalui too. Its was fun. We had a match with outsider and we win the match. The first goal was score by me. Someone pass it to me and i stop the ball accidentally use my private part to stop it and score the goal. HAHA.. So pain. Play till half way, i getting dizzy because the pain. Lol. But it kinda fun also. Next time we gona play again with outsider and also make a match with kl colleague. Hoho..

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Oct!!

Here is the new october~~  This month is a sad month because there is no holiday in this month. Gona work work work only. *Sob* But lucky not much work to do. Today is a new day for me. Still got many thing to learn and see. Today my mind kinda blank and blur. Go to work with sleepy face because last night play HON(Hero Of Newert) with Alistair(Tuck). Play till 2am in office. Office like a second house for me because no  other place i can go thanks to Kalui. Hehe.. I more prefer staying in house or office because i have no more interest in drinking alcoholic drinks or go clubbing. Those place really start annoying me. Not very fun also. But nowaday many people prefer those place cause it fun for them. I know those place is entertaining but i really no feel with those anymore. This doesn't mean i wont go anymore but if only got friend having some event or party, i might be going to. Maybe some people think i still like a kid but it still the same thing. Even if  i am a good drinker, i wont feel proud also because i making my health worst. I think drink a little bit it ok already. Just enjoy hanging out with friend and release stress and don't do stupid thing all is ok. Need to take care of my own healthy already. LOL

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hihi, I just started my blog yesterday. Nothing much i can say because not really know how to play blog. I play this blog is just for myself to read but if anyone want to read also ok with it. Sorry, my english kinda poor but can understand i think is ok ba. XD I working on my english now. Gambateh!! I started this blog because sometime my mind keep pop out something that very interesting and i feel wanted to share it but not all people will like it or agree. I think i write it here so i can read it back. Whoever read it and don't like it, sorry.. this what i know and what i saw. Maybe can give me some opinion. Hehe.. Some people play blog to record or share their daily life going on. I still learning to play blog. Please forgive me. XD I do this with my own way.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010